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In response to the Great LJ purges of 2007, this journal is now totally friends locked. While I'd love to have my fic and icons easily found by adults that are looking around, LJ's new, or rather updated TOS makes that impossible. I'm not going to be responsible for watching out for other people's kids, that's their jobs as parents. After all I police my own teenager's internet usage. Nor am I going to be bothered by prudes getting their knickers in a twist by something I've written or made an icon of. I mark all my fiction and icons and warn for adult content but obviously that's not enough. My friending policy as a consequence will also have to change. I've just got to think through the best possible way to go with, in order to protect myself and my journal.

Hmm as for biography. I'm on the other side of 50, female and a single parent, not by choice that reads and occasionaly writes slash fan fiction. I've been reading and writing fanfic for about 30ish or so years on and off. I got started in Star Trek TOS as a reader (the SO found a gen zine...print form) way back when at a con and I loved it. When Babylon 5 came out and the various fan based groups on the internet started up, that was when I got back into writing fanfic. Like a great many writers I did start out writing het, then discovered slash whilst surfing the net one night........and haven't looked back since.

Icon crediting info. Textures/patterns and brushes that are not supplied with GIMP and/or Photoshop are the creative property of other people who are the artists that created them,please see the list below. They have uploaded these to various sites/ lj communities for others to use and credit. I have done so below.

Brushes that I have further added to Gimp/Photoshop were all downloaded from Deviant art site and are created (in no special order) by: ibejeska/ibedesign,dreamworld,justmi, latexheartbreaker, victorlady, wonderland, senha/starlit designs, ps_neke, cheyenne_maria, angelfish icons. Textures/patterns/gradients also downloaded from the Deviant art site by:sparklingeye, daylight_rose, winterchaos, tove_91, alyburns noldo textures, eggdrop soup, mandala, iconographer, dieaku, starlit_designs/senha, promenadeicons, spiritcoda and divine_desire aka lotus graphics, HMS graphics, darkicephoenix, shoegal_icons xsleepingswanx. Other acknowledgement of brushes, textures and patterns to be added as downloaded and used from the various artists who create them. If I accidently forget to credit someone please let me know.

I also have a large number of brushes, textures/patterns and gradients courtsey of PhotoShop Users and Photoshop Creative magazines provided on the disks with each edition.
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